3D Warehouse does not allow direct download

There are occasional problems with the operation of Trimble's 3D Warehouse site.

I would like to point out that the 3D Warehouse site is not the product of CadLine Ltd., but the property of the American company Trimble.
Therefore, unfortunately, we have no control over the problems that occur on the 3D Warehouse site.
ARCHLine.XP provides the direct placement of models in the project as an extra feature compared to other CAD programs, but Trimble makes no warranty to maintain availability. Contact information is subject to change without notice.
The basic operation, like other programs, is made possible by ARCHLine.XP by downloading the models to an external file and then importing the files (SKP).
This affects the comfort aspect, but does not prevent the selected model from being placed in the plan.
The phenomenon::
Launching 3D Warehouse from ARCHLine.XP, selecting the item and clicking download, the website allows file saving only.


  1. Download the model to a suitable folder, e.g.. ARCHLineXP.Draw\SKP
  2. Import the file with the a File – Import – SketchUp command.
  3. After import, the model is saved in the Design Centre and can be placed in the model