Placing doors between two levels

Level offsetting or bridging level differences may require the door to be placed between levels. How can this state be displayed in ARCHLine.XP, so that the 2D/3D representation is also correct?

1, Place the door on the lower level with the required sill height, in this case the elevation height is 3000 mm, the sill height is 1500 mm.

Ajto elhelyezese ket szint kozott_3.png

2, Place a door in the same spot one level higher with the same parameters.

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3, In the properties of the door set its height to 600 mm (subtract the door sill height from the elevation height and then subtract this value from the door height), and switch on the Hide opening and make a void option.

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4, To display correctly, it is recommended to check whether the Joining Surfaces option is on. This can be set in Settings / Graphics / Visual effects / Joining Surfaces.

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5, With the joining surfaces, you get a smooth finish.


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