Creating roof

You will get an overall look at how roofs can be created and you can learn the basics of creating a roof.

Creating roof based on survey data

In this video you will learn how to model a roof based on survey data.

Editing roofs

In this video you can learn about the further editing options of already existing roofs, such as joining roof planes, creating holes and adding special shapes.

Additional roof parts

Learn about creating chimney, gutter and downspout.

Flat roof, roof planes

In this tutorial we will show you how you can create flat roofs and add roof planes based on your measurements.

Floor area under roof

Learn where you can set the calculation for the useful floor area, set your country standards and represent it on your floor plan.

Editing the beam structure of roofs

In this video you can learn how to switch on and off the beam structure of roofs, how to replace and edit them.

Dormer roof, roof window

Learn about creating dormer roofs and adding roof windows to your model.

Roof tiling

Learn where to switch on the roof tiling and how to modify its distribution.

Roof decorating and covering profiles

In ARCHLine.XP you can add covering or decorating profiles to the side of your roof using the 3D sweep tool.

Adding gutter and downspout

This video will teach you how to add gutter quickly to exisiting roof planes with just a few clicks. After hat you can add a downspout to complete the look.

Brise soleil 2019

The modern building structures require brise soleil objects. The Brise Soleils are ready to be used as 3 separate tools in ARCHLine.XP.