Stairs, ramp

U shaped stairs

ARCHLine.XP offers lots of predefined stairs and one of it is the classic U shaped stair. In this video we will place one and then modify its properties.

Spiral stairs

This video teaches you basics of creating a spiral stair and setting its properties.

Turning lines into custom 3D stairs

In ARCHLine.XP you can define 3D stairs easily from 2D lines. This function is useful when you are using survey data or DWG files.

Modifying stair steps individually

In this video you can learn how to edit the steps of stairs individually as polylines.

Editing opportunities of the 2D stair symbol

This video helps you understand the relation between the stair and its 2D symbol along with a detailed guide through the editing opportunities.

Stair interaction with building elements

This video helps you to understand the relation between stairs and other building elements such as wall cutting.

Creating a stair by staircase

Creating a stair by sketch, sketching the staircase by left or right side is the easiest method.
When you finish the sketch, the program calculates the risers automatically.


In this tutorial you will learn how to place stairs and handrails in your project.

Cutting a wall under a staircase

In ARCHLine.XP if you want to draw a wall under an existing staircase, you can set its cut with a few clicks.

Editing the stair 2D symbol

Using the ARCHLine.XP you can freely modify the 2D symbol of the stair when necessary. Watch the video to learn how.