Setting up Teamwork

In this tutorial we show how to convert a general project into a team project enabling members to work together at the same time on the same project.

Working areas

In this video tutorial we show how you can create different working areas in a team project. The individual working area clearly defines tasks to be completed by each team member.

Graphic overrides for visual control

In this video, we show you how to differentiate, among other things, work areas with colours for more transparent work.

Working in a team

In this video tutorial we demonstrate how to work together on a team project. The whole work process is presented, how to start the work on a team project, through publishing changes until the project is fully completed.

Far from the team - working offline

In this video tutorial we show what happens when a colleague works temporarily offline. The teamwork project can be left temporarily, although the work can be done separately, and then later the changes can be loaded back into teamwork project.

Changing workshare

In this video tutorial we show how to move items from one working area to another one. This is similar to moving items between layers.

Creating a single user copy

From team project can be generated single-user copy, this way the completed team work can be saved under one project file for archiving purposes at certain intervals. Team members can continue working on the team project while the administrator stores so-called snapshots.