DWG import 2019

One of the most common formats in which we get files from our co-designers is DWG or DXF. In ARCHLine.XP 2019 the dwg import dialog was renewed to help the correct scaling, even before the import.

Import PDF

This video will give you a briefing on import, then you can learn how to import a raster based pdf, how to scale it and make it ready to work on it.

Import DWG

This video will tech you the basics of importing a dwg file into ARCHLine.XP, how to scale it and make it ready to start working on it.

Import PDF geometry

This video will teach you how you can import a pdf that has geometric information and use it for your work efficiently.

IFC import, export

We are going to talk about the data transfer from one workstation to the other.

Processing dwg files

In this video you can learn about the process of importing a floor plan in dwg file format and drawing the walls with a special command.

RFA import

Learn about the RFA import in ARCHLine.XP CAD software.

3D import

Learn how to import files with different 3D data into ARCHLine.XP.

Image import

Images can be used as textures or as visual representations of people in the model. Learn how to import and use them.

Importing terrain

Learn about the file formats of terrains with which ARCHLine.XP is compatible.

Seamless import

Seamless import means that there are built-in libraries in ARCHLine.XP such as 3D Warehouse, BIMobject or ARCHLine's own showroom. From these libraries the import is direct and quick.

Excel file import

You have the opportunity to import Excel tables into ARCHLine.XP and edit the afterwards as well.

Processing point clouds

This video walks you through the process of importing point clouds and reconstructing the building with the help of it.

Import IFC

Using ARCHLine.XP you can import and export IFC files and work with BIM data. This video explains how you can do that in practice.

Vectorizing scanned drawings

In this tutorial video we will show you how to vectorize scanned drawings in ARCHLine.XP