Organized modelling

Layer visibility groups 2019

Layer visibility groups is a new feature for better organizing project data, to easily switch on/off the layers, which belong together in a certain perspective.


Working with multiple buildings

Learn about the tricks and tips of working with multiple buildings in ARCHLine.XP and how to organize them most effectively.

Level of detail and volumes

In this tutorial video we talk about manage of details and volumes.

Live building elements

Wall styles coordinated by these story level parameters automatically apply to the elements created at different height levels. This means that if the floor height is changed, the wall heights will automatically follow the change.


Let's see how we can work with storeys.

Layer management

The key of fast and fluent workflow is the efficient use of layers. This video helps you to understand the main features and usage of them.

Save current settings, restore factory default settings, delete layers from current settings

After downloading and installing ARCHLine.XP starts with the initial factory settings. You can override the default settings with your current settings.

Environment relocation

The environment relocation has new features in ARCHLine.XP 2018. We can save and scan any user data that is supported by the program in a single file. Supported data includes the user-generated material library, style library, objects created by the user or downloaded from the internet, and all user settings (linetypes, sun settings, views). The command is available in the Settings / Open and Save tab under the "Environment Package" button.

Floor structures and layered structures

In this tutorial video we will show you the floor structures and the layered structures.