Style your model

Introduction to ARCHLine.XP styles

Style is a collection of properties and a related graphical representation.
You can use styles to create basic building elements such as walls, slabs, ceilings, and column in your building models. Styles can be available in current project only or global for all projects.


With the loadable package of styles you can create a package that has styles in it for specific purposes. There are basically packages that can be loaded or detached on demand. Style packages are typically created by third parties or you can create your own. For example when designing a wooden frame sturcture you can load your corresponding package, work with its content and then you can unload it when you are working with different building types. Using this feature you can also create your own office’s standard style package.

Importing and exporting styles

You can exchange your favourite styles, both project and user level styles, one by one or in a package to another computer. Importing styles takes just a few clicks.

Creating custom wall style

Create a custom wall as new style in the current project and learn how to make it available for all projects.