Gateway to BIM

ARCHLine.XP - your Gateway to BIM

It makes simple switching from 2D drafting to 3D BIM
ARCHLine.XP is the ideal design software for those, who are getting to know BIM, but already have some 2D drafting skills.

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Use Real Products

ARCHLine.XP directly connects to international BIM libraries, such as BIMobject® or Cadenas®, where you can find thousands of free, downloadable manufacturer elements. These elements hold not only their gemotery, but also their manufacturer data - using them will make your design more accurate.

Check out our video to see it in action: - we import an object in a Revit family file (.RFA) into ARCHLine.XP and then turn it into a Door item for further use.

IFC file Export / Import

BIM is all about data exchange possibilities. ARCHLine.XP offers a buildingSMART-certified IFC import and export, based on the IFC2x3-TC1 version. Using the IFC file format provides you with unrivalled collaboration opportunities, and marks the end of project misinterpretation and data loss.

It does not matter which BIM platform your peers are using - you will be able to access, read and modify plans and keep collaboration with co-designers simple.

Collaborate better than before