Visual Design

Photorealistic visualisation
The render engine of ARCHLine.XP offers a simple and fast solution for creating photorealistic renders. It was developed to meet the needs of architectural and interior design projects. Advanced shading effects, such as ambient occlusion, shadows, and transparency, reveal fine details in the scenes. In terms of settings, the "Low (Q1), Medium (Q2) and Custom (Qx)" levels allow you to consciously create the best quality image in a few steps. Setting up the render is easy. Rendering is fast. You'll learn it in a day.
LIVE animations
The model can be directly transferred to ARCHLine.XP LIVE visualisation software, easily transforming it into live, moving, high-quality interactive walkthroughs, videos, and images. Simulating people, plants, and water provides an experience as if you were guiding your clients through their future home, starting from the street, through the garden, past the pool, into the living room, all the way to the bathroom.