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  2023 2022 2021 2020
New rendering engine
Rebars Column / Beam / Slab
Construction Animation
Color Schemes
Built-in Rich Text format (RTF) editor
IFC4 Support
2D symbol vocabulary
Split level height
Interference Checking (MEP)
Creating custom ceiling  
Welcome Screen  
PBR Materials  
Light color temperature  
Sliding door configurator, new handle types  
Wall layers and phases  
Microsoft OneDrive cloud support  
Slab with sloped AND variable thickness  
Multiple copying new options  
Align objects in 2D and 3D  
Equal spacing  
Creating dimensions all at once between temporary line intersection points  
Publish 3D PDF  
Edit stair landing thickness  
Native Revit™ import improvements  
Materials Tags  
Tags: Cabinet parts  
Project Cleaner  
Road section profile with materials  
Interchangeable opening directions in 3D view  
User defined stair standards  
IFC export improvements  
PDF export improvements  
Plot new option: Upside down  
Extended calculated values for 3D Shapes  
Different visible material for roof layers  
XREF Point Clouds  
Arched beams  
Variable texts with their own styles  
Move slab beam symbol  
User defined roombook net and gross area values  
Cabinet explosion with part numbers  
Graphic list of stair steps  
BIM Level of Geometry (LOG)  
Print queue - Improved performance  
Wall view improvements  
Section and Elevation Improvements  
Overlapping objects and 2D fills  
Creating wall with automatic tiling  
Schedule with Images  
Shared categories  
 Push / Pull  
Project Templates  
Option to toggle elevation and section lines on/off  
Linking IFC, RVT, DWG, PDF  
IFC classification data  
Rule-based filters  
Insulation layer to beam and column  
Transfer the software protected license   
Project on Google Drive  
Size based listing of library objects  
Skp export version year selector  
Text with leader  
Polyline segments dimension  
RTF - customized template layout   
Custom linetype definition with text  
Rotate Views: Project North and True North  
Adjustable colour levels for visible but inactive floors  
Stair steps with slope  
Floating stairs  
Grid lines  
Clip point clouds with parallel planes  
Lighting and Switch layout  
Lighting fixture types  
Sketch Mode - Editing downloaded models  
Skylight curtains on attic window  
Corpus CNC Output  
Csv output for cutter optimization programs  
Material editing - alpha channel  
Bump mapping – with custom Normal Maps  
Coloring materials and textures  
Creating seamless patterns  
Terrain – adding hills and valleys  
Pdf vectorization import  
MEP tools in ARCHLine.XP