How to convert an object to real door or window

Any objects downloaded from the 3D Warehouse or other website can be converted to real ARCHLine.XP door or window items.

The reason you need to turn objects into ARCHLine.XP doors and windows is that otherwise these objects will not behave like openings - they won't cut the walls, and they won't have the appropriate opening BIM properties. Once saved as ARCHLine.XP opening, the converted door or window is saved into the ARCHLine.XP libraries so you can use it later in any projects.

Using this function it is possible to convert an object imported from the 3D Warehouse Doors category to real door or window that can be properly placed into wall.

1. Step
Import object from the 3D Warehouse.

2. Step
Place the object on the drawing, then click with right mouse button on the object. Choose the Create door / window command.

3. Step
Relocate the 4 hotspots of the door/window on the left side by drag & drop, if necessary, according to reference drawing on the right side. This will designate where the door's edges and frames are.

Use the mouse wheel to zoom the door or window shape and locate the hotspot precisely.

Choose the Door or Window category or type the type name and the new category name.

4. Step
Select the door from the library and place it into a wall.