After launching 3D Warehouse from ARCHLine.XP, login with Google Account does not work. Google has announced in an official article that it will block login to Google Account from the embedded browser framework from 4 January 2021.

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Importing vector PDF files

When importing PDFs, it is important that the imported drawing retains its original dimensions so that you can draw on it in a true scale.

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Importing 3D DWG files, using the Sketch Mode function

When you import a 3D DWG file it does not appear on the floor plan, only in 3D view? The solution is quick and easy.

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Editing front profile of one layer on a multilayered wall

In many cases, it may be necessary to edit the front profile of one layer of the wall, for example when making footings and making interior wall decorations, only imagination can set the limit.

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Managing 2D groups and plot stamps

With the drawing tools you can create countless 2D shapes, which can be handled in groups, described in details in this article.

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Editing the contour of tiled surfaces

The tiling placed on slabs may need some modification in some cases.

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Creating custom columns and beams

How to create custom-designed columns and beams that are used in the construction of hall buildings and other special structures?

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Creating custom wall paneling

There are several ways to create wall paneling in ARCHLine.XP.

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Resizing the layers of the roof

The layers of the roofs can be resized with unique values, independently of each other.

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Creating layered roofs

Adjusting the layer order of roofs and its structure to display properly is a complex task. 

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Dimensioning doors and windows with consignment

The dimensioning of the doors and windows is a multi-step process.

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Cutting and stretching imported objects

The size of imported items can only be increased proportionally in all directions. ARCHLine.XP also provides a solution if you only want to resize it in one direction.

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Placing doors between two levels

Level offsetting or bridging level differences may require the door to be placed between levels. How can this state be displayed in ARCHLine.XP, so that the 2D/3D representation is also correct?

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Displaying furniture in sections

The furniture aren't displaying in the sections even though all of the layers are visible?

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How to make custom shaped window sill?

You can customize window sill easily to apply bottom rake (sloped bottom sill)

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Story Bounded Walls

Story bounded wall helps to model better real-world construction situation.

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Creating, deleting and renaming styles

How can you create, delete and rename styles?

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Displaying the framed wall structure in 3D view

The planned building will appear in the program in the traditional way by default, however, it may be necessary to present only the framed structure of the building.

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How to cut a hole in a wall using other size as the door frame

You can cut a hole in a wall using other size as the door frame in ARCHLine.XP

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Wrapping wall layers at wall ends

The layers of the wall sections next to the doors and windows can be wrapped automatically, but there is only a manual solution for this at the wall ends:

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Setting default level height

The process of saving the settings of the elevation, structure height and other parameters as default is the following:

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Print plot layouts in a multi-page PDF

How to print several plot layouts into one PDF file:

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3D Warehouse does not allow direct download

There are occasional problems with the operation of Trimble's 3D Warehouse site.

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Drawing lines with specific angles and bearing

How to insert a line at a specified length and Bearing (Degrees, Minutes and Seconds)?

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HP printer Windows 10 compatibility issue

HP has recently withdrawn the support of certain printer types under Windows 10 operation system.

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NVIDIA Flashing

Unexpected phenomenon after updating Windows 10 the ARCHLine.XP drawing area is flashing and blacks. Update: fixed from 2019 Build 323

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Relocating the whole work environment

The content of this article is valid for ARCHLine.XP 2018 Release Candidate version.

In case we have used the 2017 version so far, but we want to switch to 2018 and we want to move all of our saved objects, materials and styles to the latest version of the program, there are two ways to do it.

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Using the IFC import

Things to know about the IFC import. Get your game up to the BIM standards.

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Bad quality render when objects are far from drawing origin

Rendering the 3D model in ARCHLine.XP RED Render that contains objects very far from the origin can produce poor quality results, and the image displays false lighting patches.

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Print to PDF dialog box with unreadable texts

After an update of Windows 10 operating system, an error may occur in the File menu -> Print to PDF dialog box: the text appearing are unreadable. The dialog box may appear in ENGLISH, but it is still not usable. This happens if the default printer is not correct.

It is recommended to set Microsoft Print to PDF as the default printer.


The issue appears as on the following screenshot:


Solution #1

  1. Make sure ARCHLine.XP is not running.
  2. In the Windows Settings* / Devices / Printers set the Microsoft Print to PDF printer the default printer.
  3. Start ARCHLine.XP; if you open the print dialog box in ARCHLine.XP now you will see that the texts appear normally.

*You can open the Setting by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom left corner of Windows Start. To set a custom default printer, you may need to switch off the "Let Windows manage my default printer" option. After this, you can set the desired printer the default printer by clicking on the Manage button and selecting the Default option.

Solution #2

If Solution #1 does not solve the issue, please install a PDF printer, for example the free PDF printer from BullZip.


  1. Download the Bullzip PDF printer driver installer.
  2. Install the downloaded driver.
  3. Make sure ARCHLine.XP is not running.
  4. Make the Bullzip PDF printer default. (Follow steps of "Solution #1").
  5. Start ARCHLine.XP; if you open the print dialog box in ARCHLine.XP now you will see that the texts appear normally.
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Windows Firewall settings

If the ARCHline.XP application has not been authorized by the Windows firewall and it's not included in Allowed appilcations, then follow the next steps.

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Excluding walls from calculations

Useful tip on excluding walls from calculations.

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How to convert an object to real door or window

Any objects downloaded from the 3D Warehouse or other website can be converted to real ARCHLine.XP door or window items.

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