getting started - LEVEL 1

Get to know the interface, the import, the drawing and editing essentials, learn how to create organised projects, etc.

getting started - LEVEL 2

Learn how to style your model, make dimensions, print and create the whole documentation.

for Interior Designers LEVEL 1

The fundamentals of interior design: from tiling, through kitchen design and lightning, until documentation, rendering, etc.

for Interior Designers LEVEL 2

Complex modelling tools, upholstered furniture, and other advanced features.

for Architects LEVEL 1

Get to know how to create and edit fundamental architectural elements such as wall, door and window, slab, ceiling, roof, stair, column and beam.

for Architects LEVEL 2

Geo-location, Terrain, Google Map integration, Sections, and Elevations, Quantity take-off, Printing, Documentation for complex and professional architectural plans.


Cooperation with other software, industries, using BIM libraries, BIM properties, efficient project handling, etc.




The aim of this series of 10-15 mins videos is to show how certain design tasks can be solved. We cover the process from modeling to creating visuals, using 3rd party rendering engines.