Mood board

The ARCHLine.XP Mood board feature is an easy-to-use tool to create a collage by using the images of the colours, materials and furniture in the project, helping the communication between the designer and the customer.


You can create a snapshot of any detail or view of the model.

Add dimensions and North sign

The architectural floor plan is an indispendable part of the documentation. This floor plan does not include for example furniture, shades, electrical marking ect. In the actual project a furnished floor plan can be easily transformed into an architectural floor plan by using the layers.

Room area calculation and floorplan printing

ARCHLine.XP calculates the area and volume of rooms and measures the perimeter and height. Room tags are annotation elements that display room properties values. 

Create coloured floor plan

In this tutorial video we are creating a coloured floor plan.

Wall Elevation View

In this video tutorial we prepare the textured wall elevation views in order to dimension them.

Prepare Plot Layout

In order to have differently scaled plans of the same project it is beneficial to create plot layouts. It is also recommended to use them as they provide neat, precise look.

Create Plot Stamp

Documentation can be formally unified with the use of a plot stamp, which provides a suitable framework for the presented plans. It is possible to create a plot stamp that can be saved and later used on the plot layout.