ARCHLine.XP for Interior Designers Level 1

Reception room

Learn to use the Room Maker: an all-in-one design tool that speeds designing an interior. Turn empty rooms into living spaces.


The fundamental of the program including how to navigate in the 2D and 3D drawings, draw walls or place doors and windows. No CAD skills needed.

Bathroom, tiling

Plan tiling styles. Use manufacturers' products, create your own, get tiling consignation and lists

Kitchen design

Modeling bespoke kitchen units, paramteric cabinetry, worktops, appliances


Digital mood board, snapshot, dimensions, room area calculation, wall views, colured floor plan, plot layouts


Creating light sources, lamps, LED strips, luminous texts, modeling lights on your visuals.


Create photorealistic images of your project. The basics and essential settings to have the best outcome of your renders