Drawing and selection methods

In this video you will learn about the user interface, the drawing tools and selecting methods.

Create Walls

In this video we will create the main walls and the partition walls. We will learn how to navigate in 3D and to use the different visual styles.

Create and edit slab

In this part we will add ceiling and slab to the modell. We will also learn about storey management and we will create a flat roof.

Placing Doors and windows and Edit their Properties

This part will teach you how to set the properties of doors and windows and how to modify an already placed opening.

Get Models from 3D Warehouse

In this video we will set up perspective views. We will download and place a furniture directly into ARCHLine.XP from 3D Warehouse.

Manage layers

In this part we will discuss the layer management through an easy example.

Editing downloaded object in Sketch Mode

In this part of the Foundation workshop we will learn how to modify downloaded objects in Sketch mode. At the end we will also discuss the 3D building methods.