Reception room

Creating walls, slab and false ceiling

In the first video we will create the walls with the predefined room tool and add wall reccesses. Then we will create the false ceiling and the slab.

Adding doors and windows in the room maker

In this video we will use the Room maker tool. It is a great tool to add doors and windows and to dress up a room with curtains, wallpapers etc. You can also learn how to dowload materials from the internet.

Adding electrical accessories, decor profiles and lamps

In this part we continue the design in the Room maker. We will add electrical accessories, decor profiles and lamps.

Setting up the perspective views, placing objects

In this video we will set the perspective views, add more lamps and learn how to place objects in 2D and 3D.

Interior design documentation

In the last part we create the documentation. We will learn how to create dimensions, coloured floor plan and wall elevations quickly. We will print the documentation to PDF and create a photorealistic render at the end.