Specify complex repetitive tiling patterns

The designer can place tiles of different shapes that form a unit in a unique way.
Repetitive texture-based methods that repeat the image of a tile one after the other do not give correct results in such cases. The following graphical method will help you find a repeating pattern for complex patterns.

Tiling with objects, 3D wallpanels

nnowall’s 3D wall panels are now available from ARCHLine.XP’s Showroom. In this video we will show you how to create 3D wall panels using the tiling with objects command.

Tiling with predefined patterns 2019

The number of Built-In pattern has been increased, as modern tiling layouts require more variation. With more patterns, and the ability to use colour variations, you are ready to go to create amazing layouts.

Tiling list sorted by room 2019

The Tiling consignation is extended with a new Excel worksheet that lists the tiles sorted by rooms.