Architecture Workshops

Step 1: the essentials of the ARCHLine.XP architectural features

Get started with the below 5 recorded webinars. They tell you everything you need to know about the basics of handling our software.

Creating a building

3D models from scratch, the basics of drawing with ARCHLine.XP

Using external data

How to import DWG or DXF files, scale them, create terrain, and build a construction plan

Architectural documentation

Dynamic sections, elevations, plot layout, printing, etc.

Using BIM in practice

Communication with other software, the IFC format, using BIM libraries, and the general requirements for BIM

Lighting and visuals

Creating rendered images; how to achieve the desired results; built-in rendering capabilities

Download files

Download and install the project files that we use during the webinars, so that you can follow along

Step 2: get specific with your topics

Once you completed the 5 webinars above, we suggest you browse the below topics to see if you have missed something.

Topics include:
Importing the CAD site plan from PDF file
Settings up the geo-location of the site on Google Maps
Aligning the building to the accurate Google Maps geo-location point
Importing a Google Terrain
Export building and visualize in Google Earth
Create CAD site plan from DWG drawing

Adding surrounding building volumes
Shadow analysis
Sections and Elevations
Documentation and Printing tools
Creating photorealistic visuals
Creating building quantity take-off

Building site orientation and geo-location

Learn how to set the north direction of your model or how to use Google Earth for geo-location.

Terrain and site plan

You can learn how to import DWG or DXF files, scale them, create terrain, and build a construction plan from our videos.

Building volumes & Shadow analysis

In ARCHLine.XP you can run a shadow analysis, adding the surrounding buildings.

Sections & Elevations

Sections and elevations are vital parts of architectural plans. Our videos show you how you can make all the plans you need for your work.

Documentation & Printing

In ARCHLine.XP you can prepare the whole technical documentation.

Rendering & Listing

With the rendering engine of the ARCHLine.XP design software you can quickly create photorealistic visuals.