Family house

"I feel the most beautiful and most wonderful work in the world to design a family living environment - and deliberately do not mention house, but the environment, which is as much a part of the house itself and its narrower and wider environment as well as the nature, even the residents, the impact on humans - could be the artist's creative architect and engineer seeking logical solutions.

This complexity pervades the entire process of planning, need to see the full realization of the very first sketch, the first stage of visualization, you have to know exactly the builder needs, habits, the built and the natural environment. During the design process we prepare the construction budget, so we have to start to track costs, probably due to this that I have designed more than two hundred houses have been built respectively.

Houses modern vibe, cleared reflect the 21st century world with fresh thinking, cozy, elegant lightly, and I am convinced that this architectural sense are very durable. "