Terraced house - BIM model

"The building stands at Transvaalstraat 45, Kontich, Belgium, not far from Antwerpen. It was bought as an investment by Frank Van Asch, a contractor that renovates old, and builds new houses - www.meva-bouw.be. Modeling was done by Wannes Malaise www.ornata.be.

The façade and the roof of this building was kept, because they were in generally good condition; the whole building was designed around these given parts. The façade is not straight, neither is the building itself, and this made the design very difficult.
Frank has a fantastic knowledge on how to build and construct - adding a glassed patio was a great idea of his, it brings light and air to the rooms. However, it also made things more difficult in the building and design process, as everything had to be isolated well.

Frank works together with a lot of people and he wanted to try to do this building in a BIM model to see if this could help in the building process and in the communication of the plans. It's an advantage that with BIM modeling you can see the whole process. You can prevent mistakes and let the client see the 3D model. "

Survey, article:   Design:
Wannes Malaise   Frank Van Asch
Ornata Design   Groep Matthys
Pastorijveld 26   Potaardstraat 74 Unit 18
2180 Ekeren, Belgium   2845 Niel, Belgium
www.ornata.be   www.meva-bouw.be