Artistic family house Interior Design Thesis by Ms Orsolya Henézi

Orsolya Henézi, who graduated from Simultan Art School majoring in Interior Design, talks about her graduation project:

"I graduated from Simultan Art School this year majoring in Interior Design. My graduation project was made with ARCHLine.XP,
the documentation and the photorealistic images as well. The task was to plan the whole spatial organisation and furnish
a two-storey family house according to the given family model.

My model was an artist couple with a small child whose most important aspect was managing the space as one. Because of this
the separating walls were demolished, the active and relax zones are separated only by their location – on the ground floor or
on the first floor. Only the picture gallery, which is open to strangers as well so it’s living its own life, is separated from the living space.
Placing furniture of two world-famous designers liked by the family was an important aspect – these give the unique atmosphere of the flat.

What I liked most in my graduation project was that, on the given layout I could maximally utilize the playfulness of the spaces,
creating a unique milieu and connecting every square meter to the life of the house.

There are two entrances on the ground floor, one leading to the art gallery and the other to the living space of the family. The two rooms
are of course permeable, a door separates them, so the art gallery is available directly from the flat as well. The dark room, which is
the work place of the photographer husband, and a little work corner got place in the art gallery too. There are no separating walls
in the living space of the ground floor, so the hall, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the stairs melt together but their functions
are clearly separated by the hidden pathways. Because of this, managing the space as one could be realized in disciplined order.
The space is dominated by the atmosphere of the furniture of the mentioned designers, the colours are moderate, and the emphasis is
rather on the enhancement of the used materials. The asphalt grey, the natural wood and the matt black furniture colours, as well as
the neutral taupe coloured sofa become exciting by the unique furniture choice, which allows the metal structure of the half-floating stairs
and the plant wall, which connects the two floors, to dominate. .
The first floor is connected with the ground floor by an imposing staircase, an enormous plant wall and pendant lamps. The speciality of the first floor
is that there is no attic floor, so the two roof plains and skylight give a unique atmosphere. The painting and working corner continues
the atmosphere of the ground floor, the parental bedroom and the kid’s bedroom fits in the particular atmosphere, although they have their own as well.
The parental bedroom appears as a romantic spot beside the painting corner. The bathroom occupies the part with the biggest inner height,
which with the grey mosaics, the enormous windows, the simple curtains and the artistic washbasins gives an original loft mood..

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