How to transform a secondhand apartment?


Ms Ilona Vasarhelyi-Nagy shared the details of her recent interior design work:

The challenge is even bigger to find the best layout when you buy a used apartment than
to build a completely new one, as we get many attributes already in place, which can cause
complication later. The original floorplan is a result of contemplation.
Ms Ilona Vasarhelyi-Nagy talks about the renovation work: 
A young couple after buying a family house, asked an architect to design an expansion and a possible layout.
When the architectural plan was finished,  I started to work on it.
Expectations were 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, toilet, laundry room, huge dining room which seats of 18 guests. 
This project is a good example for that creating a cosy, comfortable and practical, liveable home not only an
architect is needed, but an interior designer too. We can follow trends every other year but it is certain that
we won’t shuffle walls anymore. Please browse pictures and read my comments explaining the necessary
changes on the original plans.
To create these images was one of my tasks on Master Course at Junior Art Interior Designer School.
Original floorplan:
The starting point. From here we start the contemplation “brainstorming”.
The result must be even more practical and comfy. By all means we have to find
satisfactory solution how to dine a big party, have a spacious living room and
well-functioning kitchen. We would gain more space by reducing the size of the
corridor and by replacing the entrance we can separate the bedrooms and the social
gathering. It puzzled me a lot how to bring in more light into the master bedroom and
create window to it. Turn page to see the result!

Final floorplan: 
I placed the entrance door in the middle, this way the entertainment is well separated from the intimate zone.
On the right we can find living-dining and kitchen area on the left there are bedrooms.
The path is significantly shorten from the entrance to kitchen.
The hallway became larger, a long and wide built-in cabinet fits there.
One part of the corridor is widened, so when it is needed more guests can be seated.
The area of living-dining and kitchen enlarged from 49sqm to 61sqm, and the corridor notably decreased.
The one of the master bedroom was extended with a glass wall, and putting curtains on it gives
window feeling and lets more light in.


I used a canopy to break the space in the dining room, and now it is not so obvious that we can see through 15 m.

Enlarging the master bedroom and narrowing down the corridor both support this purpose as well.

This shows us how more spacious the dining room is, if we liked to invite more guests.

And we don’t even need to take out sofa from the living room.

Through the two skylights more sunshine gets into the corridor, which makes the master bedroom brighter

3D model created with ARCHLine.XP Interior design software and rendered with third party software.

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