Interior Design Thesis by Aniko Valint

blog_image.jpgAniko Valint interior designer speaks about challenges creating her graduation project:
"This year I graduated from the Junior Art Interior Design College majoring in
Interior Design and Interior Decorator. My thesis was created with ARCHLine.XP Design software.

The biggest challenge was that I started only learning ARCHLine.XP two months before the exam.
Finally I quickly decided to go ahead and do my graduation project with this design software.
I am so delightful that I committed myself to ARCHLine.XP.
Investing two month into speeded-up learning and practising I managed to createthe whole documentation, 3d model and photorealistic images. I was able to present a high quality, impressive graduation project on time with an excellent result.
The benefits are countless for me. Now I owe strong computing skills of a quick and remarkable CAD design software.
As a freshly graduated student I have job assignments, I can hardly wait to accomplish them with ARCHLine.XP."


The graduation project was to design the architectural model and furnish in 3D a two-storey family house
and create photorealistic images & renders.
To the project we got imaginary family model with particular requirements & needs, also financial conditions.

My task was to design a home for a young professional couple with two teenage children.
The couple likes 20 centuries furniture and accessories.
On the floor there are bedrooms, study, 2 bathrooms (for children and adults).
As board conception of the applied style I decided to mix “mid-century” and modern minimal trends with recent expectations and needs.
To oversee the home’s construction the major aspects were to create a sufficient storage, using homey warm fabrics, well-functioning rooms.


2 bathrooms were designed on the upper floor separately for the adults and children’s

The kitchen is isolated, so I considered important to serve functionally well and give friendly and family vibe.

The eye-catching living room and dining area could host 4-5 guests.

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