Luxurious apartment by interior designer, Ms Judit Dóró

Luxurious apartment in the green belt area of Budapest with an elegant touch of ARCHLine.XP user interior designer, Ms Judit Dóró.

DD Interior Design Studio got an assignment to design a 150 m² luxurious home in the green belt area of Budapest.

The client absolutely relied on the interior designer, which paid off in a spectacular and harmonious result

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Using grey color dominantly was the request of the successful business-woman,
the design was in the spirt of the homey and cozy feeling. The matching pastel shades
were fitted in perfect harmony by Ms Judit Dóró (Leading interior designer, DD Interior Studio).
The courageous game of unusual shapes and materials runs along the entire apartment, as a leading concept.
The main stream is a trendy modern style which were soften by ladylike colors such as white,
light lilac, mauve and glittery luster surfaces and finishing

The independent spatial functions are integrated, the overall image in terms of the
whole space is perfectly balanced.The unity is given by the glossy tiling which covers
the entire ground floor, and carefully designed the grid ceiling and mood lighting
This element brings the living room, the kitchen and divining area together in ethereal
and lightsome manner.
The play with mood and main lights gives an extraordinary sensation to entire apartment

In the intelligent controlled home Ms Judit Dóró thoughtfully designed the lighting technology plan to the different circuits. 

The whiteness of the kitchen and the corner sofa, the pastel shades of mauve exquisitely
mellow the sharp grey, merges into a coherent unit. The tone of grey and square shapes
were offset by using rounded silhouette of dining chairs, curved furniture and crystalline lamps.
The unique design already appears in the hallway that follows a wardrobe combined with a pouffe.
The floating stairs lean to a sole wall in the space, then it is fused together with a green zone with mood lighting.
This part of the wall carries forward with an extravagant cabinet from the living room.

As the kitchen isle is built together with the dining table and the cooking hob is turned
towards the living room the lady of the house can easily flow into the social life while
she is doing some kitchen chores. From this point the whole ground floor can be seen through,
which was an important aspect for the single mum..

On the first floor were place two bedrooms and a family bathroom.
The main bedroom mirrors the personality of the dynamic, trendy business woman.
The grid ceiling is surrounded by functions which are well synchronized.
The soft accessories help to smooth the grey color. The designer laced functions strikingly
together to get a grandiose final result. The gem of the bathroom is the bath tub section which is
separated by the engraved window and spotlights. A relative small place has to accommodate three
functions, the main aspect was to keep it open and spacious. This was successfully achieved by
using floating furniture, sanitary, built-in niches, transparent and mirror effects, glittering surfaces.
This bathroom became a unique and peculiar with the specially designed furniture and lightings.

The teenager zone is respectively large that allocates six functions in the spirit of the
color scheme of the whole apartment.The pleasant shades of mauve makes the room
even more inviting for friends.Such a place came into existence where to return is a great
joy even for an adult. The entertainment, beautifying were also important factors beyond
relaxing and study. Bubble swing and built-in media-wall serve all this.

The dream of every teen girl is a romantic round bed placed like an isle in the room,
which truly reflects the world of a teenager. The modern design is soften by charming light
mauve flower patterned wallpaper and white string curtains and organize into a harmony so
the outcome will be breathtaking.

3D model created with ARCHLine.XP Interior design software and rendered with third party software.

DD Interior Design Ltd.

DD Design Dóró Judit








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