ARCHLine.XP for Interior Designers Level 2

Complex modelling tools

Creating Sun Sail Shade, Customized Baluster and 3D shape

Textures and fabrics

Work with real materials from manufacturers, integrate them into your project or create your own materials

KBB, Furniture design

Create your own storage furniture or other customized cabinetry

Upholstered furniture

Easy-to-use tools help you to model already existing or bespoke furniture. Learn to use the manufacturing tools through several examples


Create photorealistic images of your project. Learn about the details that make a realistic final result

Electrical accessories

Place electrical accessories in your project easily. Create the whole project documentation including the electrical plans with ARCHLine.XP.


With the easy-to-use tiling tools of ARCHLine.XP you can create tiling pattern or place 3D wall panels as tiling.