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Matrix shower door MSD2
Shower enclosures and shower doors
Matrix shower door MSD2

RAVAK Matrix shower door MSD2-100 L gloss + transparent - 0WLA0C00Z1 Luxury sliding door for your niche. Seals off an area of up to 120 cm in width and gives style to your bathroom thanks to a distinct top and side bar with a square-shaped shim. Size: 100 cm Available sizes: 110, 120 cm Frame color: white / satin / gloss aluminum Safety glass panel: Transparent Height: 1950 mm There is available left-hand and right-hand version ; The product consists of two parts, one of which forms the sliding door. The left-sided or right-sided variant of the product differ in the direction of the door opening from the outside perspective. The product is installed into a tiled bathroom (bricked niche) on the Perseus Pro Chrome or Gigant Pro Chrome shower tray or directly onto the floor with a built-in shower channel or drain.

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